This is NOT the actual Intro of the Book…

Today we are confronted with situations and circumstances that our ancestors never encountered.. The way people live their lives today is overwhelming to those who experienced it in the 60s or 70s; The Age of the ease of access to information and technologies is simply fascinating…

We can now alternate our fertility with hormones, have artificial insemination; we can change & improve our appearance with cosmetics or surgeries and we can create a new life ourselves; we can meet new partners through many ways and the internet is a major player in that domain.

No Other Species on the planet can do any of those!

Our Minds are Bombarded with 1000s of Advertising messages all day – every day and with the evolution of the internet and media, new expectations and standards have risen to RE-Define how we go through relationships and then to reach to what is called LOVE.

Love possesses nothing and does not want to be possessed, because it is enough in itself. It will make you grow, and then throw you on the ground. It will whip you so that you feel your impotence, it will shake you to rid you of all your impurities. It will crush you to leave you flexible.

And then it will toss you in the fire so that you can become the
blessed bread to be served at God’s sacred feast (The Prophet, by
Khalil Gibran [1883-1931])

Well the same applies to business life…

The notion of Mobile Worker is more common in companies for some employees than it was ever before; Flying from country to country for business have dramatically increased for even middle level employees;  and multi-tasking has rolled down from a specific segment of individuals to be the necessity in virtually any job nowadays.

All aspects of Business have changed, from recruitment to operations to planning… and how people interacts have changed too.

So the bottom line is that what was considered the exception back then has become the rule now and new exceptions are starting to rise.

But beneath all this CHANGE & Evolution, and what comes with them from Stress… Lies a Truth that never gets affected. the truth about the Balance.

Work Love Balance Book

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