Whatever Happened to the… Other Guy?


I’ve started the last phase of my Book, Which is the Proof of Concepts… and during which I’m laying a Solid Foundation of Psychology behind the revolutionary “Work Love Balance”.

I’ve researched and looked through 100s of Books, dozens of Movies and 1000s of articles during the past 5 years while writing.. there were several topics that grabbed my attention, several ones that blew me up of my feet and few ones that DAZZLED me… and here’s one of them..

I’m sure most of the readers here would be more likely to have watched the movies than read the actual books.. so I’m going to make my examples from even more popular and general Movies… (although I believe that reading the book is a totally different experience than watching the movie… a good example is the famous “He’s not that into You” Movie vs Book… if you read the book you’ll know exactly what I mean)

Ok I don’t know what to call it yet… but for now, I’m going to call it… The OTHER Person Phenomena (it applies to Guys as well as Girls)… The person who happened to be at with the wrong place at the right time… With the wrong person at the right time… or simply at the right place at the wrong time…

When you’re watching a Romantic Movie, or simply a romantic story within a movie – especially if it’s a  good movie – you get somehow connected to the roles the actors are playing.. and you get so attached to the story while you’re watching that you feel that you sometimes need to yell at the Girl saying “Get back to him you fool…” or at the Guy “Tell her you Love her you Moron…” ; I mean haven’t this happened to lots of you movies fans?

And while we all strive for the “Right Things” in the Love Story… We miss that “Things are already Right”…  and I’m talking about a classic story of a girl loves a guy, a guy loves a girl .. they broke up for some reason… years later they meet while each of them is with another person… then the story goes on from one scene to the other and at the end They get back together… and everybody’s happy …. you wipe some happy tears and when the lights are up.. you go home dreaming how this love story was an astonishing one…

Well HOLD ON… Everybody’s Happy??  … HELL NO!! What about the OTHER PERSON???

Sweet Home Alabama

I guess the best movie you should watch to know what I mean would be … Sweet Home Alabama..

or maybe Spiderman 2 Smile with tongue out


or if if you’re into Arabic Movies…. watch “3an el 3ishq wal Hawa”

el3eshk%20welhawa 160512852469_528x304q100

Well 1/3 (being pessimistic cause it’s much more than that) of the movies I’ve seen has the Other Person Phenomena in them… and to be honest, they vanish from the story at the end.. Smile

So the Phenomena is very simple… The Other Person is the person who (most of the times) is the loving, caring, and exceptionally great type, that did everything as he should’ve had… and at the end DIDN’T GET THE GIRL Smile

And what really dazzles me is that people are OK with that!!!  and they even Clap when she Run-Away from her Wedding-with-that-Amazing “Other Person” Whose  Dreams and Love Life  gets crushed before his eyes… to be with her Old Love.. because that is the “Right Thing to Do”…

The dilemma with the “Doing Right Things” and “Doing Things Right” have a whole different meaning in the Corporate World.. and I go there deeply in my Book… and guess what… There’s a HUGE Similarity in both Contexts… but I Guess you need to wait for my Book to Read more about it Winking smile



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