Who’s the Boss? (Man vs Woman Entrepreneur)


This chapter took the most of my researches, I’ve read almost every book that has been written on the subject, and checked literally 1000s of articles in over 6 years and I must confess this subject still amazes me and I can’t say that I have even “Enough” information to survive with….

Power struggle


The Cream of my research goes down to the conclusion that Everyone of us needs to Really learn more about the subject of the differences between Men and Women because at least 50% of things that used to Bother you in your domestic Partner or Business Partner would start to make sense… 




Not only that, but by learning about the differences, you will learn More about your self than you ever thought you knew.





In the course of the book, you will check from the humor of the events and the characters talking about the many aspects of the differences from the Personal level and from the Professional level, but here, I’m only going to include the main differences between Men & Women Entrepreneurs, 


Women Entrepreneurs

Compared to most men entering business, most women are:



  • Hard Working
  • More careful
  • More accurate
  • More serious
  • More enquiring
  • More likely to seek and listen to advice
  • Quieter and less flamboyant
  • Less inclined to push themselves forward
  • Better at dealing with people
  • More likely to worry
  • More likely to underestimate themselves
  • More likely to blame themselves when things go wrong


This list generalizes, and people vary, but on the whole I believe it to be true.



Lacking Confidence, women tend to do more research and seek advice more readily. Being worriers they will think round a situation before committing themselves. Consequently they tend to set their firms up on good foundations.

They also tend to keep records and to be good at dealing with customers, suppliers and staff.

Male Entrepreneurs

Although the gap is closing, men still start more companies than women. In comparison, their firms tend to:


  • Grow Faster
  • Get Bigger
  • Be more ambitious
  • Be technically based
  • Be faster-moving
  • Be better at self-promotion
  • Have trouble keeping staff
  • Go bust more frequently
  • Have more crises on the way.

The sheer fact of numbers means that male-run firms continue, for the moment, to be the backbone of the small business movement. At the time when some aspects of masculinity are under attach, it may help to know that we chaps can claim to be useful in one field at least.

More seriously, any man starting in business would do well to pause in the headlong rush to get going and pounder the comments above on his female counterpart. A more thoughtful approach can pay off, handsomely Smile.


Hope you enjoyed this Teaser….

in the Actual Book, Adam (The Main Character) learn more about himself, while analyzing the differences between his Girlfriend and his Boss..


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  1. Mo Ayoub says:

    Great inspiring words chidioc 🙂

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