Interview with a Romantic…

Interview with a Romantic

Jamie (Host): Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s a lovely scene here at Pink FM 102.7 and we have with us tonight a very special Guest,  he’s very well known in his ways of explaining what most people fail sometimes to express and we managed recently to secure an interview with him to talk with us about the topic that dazzles most of us… Falling in LOVE Again!  Adam, welcome to Pink FM, it’s great to have you with us.

Adam: Thank you Jamie, it’s good to be here Smile

Jamie (Host): So Adam, when we talk about Falling in Love AGAIN, that poses great questions to most of us.. Can someone Fall in Love more than once? and if that’s possible, does that mean that the first time was fake? and the latter one is the real thing?

Adam: Actually Jamie falling in love with someone was never about the other person, it has been and will always be about you… I heard it from a girl once, that you love the other person as much as you Love yourself when you are with them. which I believe is the closest to reality as possible.

So Falling in Love with someone has a lot to do with YOU than it is about that person…

Jamie (Host): Excuse me for interrupting Adam, so are you saying that the other person is irrelevant in the love game? and it’s all about us? because that seems very awkward to me

Adam: No, I never said that the other person is irrelevant, I just wanted to highlight the importance of YOU first, because most people always think it in opposite directions, so they put lots of pressure of their counter part, while they don’t realize that things has to start with them.

Think of your Happiness as being locked in a Box with a Very Sophisticated Lock Combination that periodically changes, so not just anyone can open it to release your locked happiness, but every time that happiness is unleashed  a newer, bigger  & better version grows back into the same box, that needs to be unlocked.


Jamie (Host): Wow, that’s a special way to describe it… But what you’re saying is that it’s a very hard job to keep trying and unlocking over and over… That’s Difficult and non-sustainable!!

Adam: Not quite so… you see the combination to that lock is programmed by YOU, your expectations, your views, your dreams, your desires… That’s why it constantly changes; But sometimes you find someone who just say the passcode to your Box without issues, and unlock your happiness… so you start by liking them… then with every unlocking, your love to them grows… but at one point (and that happens with lots of us)… it becomes more and more difficult to unlock the box… and Happiness  expires and the solution is locked with a very powerful combination.. And that causes Love to fade, and passion to start vanishing and break ups to take place.

Jamie (Host): so as I understand from you, that we tie our inner happiness with our Love to the other person but it’s not a one-time thing, it has to be renewed constantly in order for us to sustain that love & happiness.

Adam: Precisely!

Jamie (Host): so Getting the Girl, is just the first step into the 1000 miles journey Confused smile
Adam: Well think about it as, every step is a Journey of itself Smile

Jamie (Host): but Adam, I’m not trying to be pessimistic here, but that sounds like hard work!!

Jamie (Host): Huh??

Adam: you see the RIGHT person, is someone who would have the personality, the character, the lifestyle, the EVERYTHING that would naturally produce pass-codes to the Happiness Box of the other person. And he/she would be doing that effortlessly, and with every day, week, month, year the relationship grows, that person will grow more and more into what’s the Lifecycle of Water… Where Sea water just get vaporized into cloud then fall down as rain and go out from the ground as river flow to go back to the sea.

Jamie (Host): That’s Beautiful! so Being with the right person, is what makes every relationship easy?

Adam: Indeed. But since we’re the combination of all the experiences and past life, it’s possible that we might meet “More than one Right Person” at some stages of our life. But there will be a certain time (when we normally say, we’ve matured enough) that the Right person will be very hard to find, but once you do… it’s Worth the Wait Smile!

Jamie (Host): Thank you Adam for this lovely analogy, one last question to you, taking advantage from your appearance with us in Pink FM… How would you DESCRIBE, in your own words, Falling in Love Again!

Adam: (sight Embarrassed smile)

When you’re in Love, everything looks beautiful, and nothing seems impossible… Everyone starts smiling at you… The Music and the Rhythms suddenly find a way into your veins… Every story, Every Song, Every movie is now written after your loved one and Starring YOU… You Wake up Smiling, you Fall asleep smiling and your eyes Glows when you are walking, You get so excited and you can’t hide it…  It’s just a Priceless Feeling that makes your life Worth Living, because you know that it’s Now it’s TRUE.

Jamie (Host): Thank you Adam for your time, it was our pleasure having you with us; Ok Ladies and Gentlemen we leave you with this special song that Adam picked specially for you , it’s Covered by Boyce Avenue and it’s called Just the Way you Are… which simply summarize his main point Smile.



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