Starting your Love life or Career life, you come faced with challenges and situations that direct you to think that you are unique in those experience while in fact you’re just a normal individual who face normal situations just like the rest of us.

By now, (the day i wrote this “About” page), I have been researching for little more than 4 years on various topics of Business & Dating, and i found similarities in ways you wouldn’t imagine; and i read some materials that can be considered GOLD to some people, so i decided to write this book!

Work Love Balance, is for those who are looking for a Balance between their Ambition and their Love Life no matter if they were single or in any variation of a relationship . and it’s a fun and entertaining small book to read while you’re on a train or on plane.

Currently i’m still in the process of writing, and i’m Hoping to finish my research by end of 2010 so the book can be published by 2011.


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