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Interview with a Romantic…

Jamie (Host): Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s a lovely scene here at Pink FM 102.7 and we have with us tonight a very special Guest,  he’s very well known in his ways of explaining what most people fail sometimes … Continue reading

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Partnerships in FOCUS

  This topic may differ based on the culture differences but we all agree on the importance of its proper definition and frame. in the WLB Book, a chapter is dedicated on the different types of Relationships and Engagements.. But … Continue reading

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What happens when you don’t get on Facebook for a Week?

  Well it depends if you’re a Male or a Female , Cheers,SC

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Who’s the Boss? (Man vs Woman Entrepreneur)

  This chapter took the most of my researches, I’ve read almost every book that has been written on the subject, and checked literally 1000s of articles in over 6 years and I must confess this subject still amazes me … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to the… Other Guy?

Hey, I’ve started the last phase of my Book, Which is the Proof of Concepts… and during which I’m laying a Solid Foundation of Psychology behind the revolutionary “Work Love Balance”. I’ve researched and looked through 100s of Books, dozens … Continue reading

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This is NOT the actual Intro of the Book…

Today we are confronted with situations and circumstances that our ancestors never encountered.. The way people live their lives today is overwhelming to those who experienced it in the 60s or 70s; The Age of the ease of access to … Continue reading

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